A remote beach in Colombia, South America, with a blue sky with clouds and an ocean rolling onto the sand features a colorful sign reading in Spanish hospedaje, restaurante, tienda, bar, tours, in this photo ©Kate Dana
Kate Dana, founder of COCAMECA jumps for joy near a swimming pool in Los Morros, Cartagena, Colombia, photo ©2023 Kate Dana | COCAMECA all rights reserved
graphic text in black and yellow scripted font reading ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome ©Kate Dana

I’m Kate Dana, a self-proclaimed adventure enthusiast with a passion for Spanish, sunshine, and finding the fun in everything.

I’m totally in love with Colombia, California, Mexico, and Carolina – four places I’ve lived that inspire my continued travels and make up the acronym Cocameca.

Ready to turn your fun-focused plans into real adventures?

Whether you’re curious about language learning, looking for vintage scooter rallies, or planning to visit a new destination, these pages will encourage you to take the first step. Remember, anything is possible!